Kid Venture Preschool Weekly Environments

What To Expect

From the moment you arrive their will be people to great you with smiling faces and show you the way! Your first stop will be the first-time check in station next to the information desk in the foyer. We will take the time then to get to know you and your family. This is the time we will ask about allergies, any special instructions we need to take care of your child and collect contact information.

You will then receive a set of stickers with matching codes which allows us to keep your kids safe and no one but you can pick up your kid without this sticker. If for any reason during the service we need to reach you, we have your number on file and can send you a text or our preschool pastor will personally come notify you.

After you check in you will be guided to our preschool first impressions member to answer any additional questions you may have and show you to your classes and what else to do along the way.

Monthly Overview

Have you noticed any heart-shaped candy boxes or giant teddy bears in stores yet? It's that time of year when we do extra special things to show people how much we love them. Once sweet way to do that has always been with candy hearts. Candy hearts are such a fun way to show someone you love them, which goes perfectly with what we are teaching preschoolers this month. After all, everything Jesus did while He was on earth was to show us how much He loves us. And if there's one thing we really want preschoolers to know, it's that Jesus loves them.



Jesus and the Children

Luke 18:15-16



Jesus loves me.



Mary and Martha

Luke 10:38-42



Jesus loves me and wants to spend time with me.



The Centurion

Matthew 8:5-13



Jesus loves me and wants to help me.



The Thankful Woman

Luke 7:36-50



Jesus loves me no matter what.

Parent Info


We take the safety of your child very seriously! Every adult in our classrooms has been interviewed, carefully trained, and has a current background check on file. In addition, we have trained security officers and procedures at all times. Once on the other side of the glass doors, your kids safety is our type priority and you can rest well that they are in good hands. The claim check code you receive at check-in is unique to your family and provides extra security at pickup.


we recognize from time to time that a parent will want to stay and see what a service is like for their children before leaving them for the first time and not only do we allow this, but we welcome it. We have visitor passes available at the check in station for parent’s that want to do this, and it is necessary to check in for the safety of others and so the students know who their teachers are as well as what procedures to follow.

Sick kids

when kids are sick and unable to attend class or just want to stay with you in service, we have Busy Boxes available for them and you to keep them preoccupied during service, so you can enjoy your time here! Check out our sick policy for more information (link)

Nursery Room

The nursery is a place for new moms/nursing moms can go during the service for privacy and comfort.

Special Needs Ministry

Summit Heights does not currently have an active special needs ministry but does have special needs buddies that can be paired with your child when you wish to attend church. This is currently offered on a case by case basis and we would want to have any all information we would need to properly attend to your child. Every child matters to us and deserves to learn about Jesus and their Heavenly Father on their level and we want you to know that you are welcome here and Jesus loves you!


we have a playground for our kids 3 years old to 5th grade. Weather permitting, we allow the teachers to take their kids to the playground at the end of their lessons if time allows and at their discretion. The playground is gated and only accessible through the generations wing.

Parent Resources

We encourage families to keep the conversation going after church is over and as the week goes on. Ask your kids if they had fun and about what they learned! Our goal is to have a positive answer to both of those questions each week and we would love to hear back on those special moments! Check out the Kid Venture Preschool Information Board in the Generations Hallway for up to date information and resources for your child.

Parent Resource Wall

February Overview

February Memory Verse

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